Count Down to OZ!

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"I’m 33 and I still work as a bartender. To make it worse, my brother is a world renowned chemist. So when my father talks to people at weddings, he says: ‘My son just got a million dollar grant. And my daughter lives in New York.’ The thing is, I used to be such an overachiever. I skipped the last two years of high school. I got a full ride to college, but ended up dropping out. I don’t know what happened. I keep telling myself I’m saving up to go back to school, but I don’t have any savings. I don’t know, I just feel very lame all the time. Don’t make me sound too lame."

I wouldn’t normally comment on posts like this but this is incredibly accurate to my life. My parents were so invested in me achieving and doing well, and I graduated from college and everything, but it was with a ‘useless’ degree. And now I live in Australia and I know that’s all that my parents say to people when they ask how I’m doing, and then they start talking about my sister who just got a scholarship to do chemistry research at her university. She participates in volunteer work and has straight A’s in her honor’s college and is going to Berkley for grad school probably and she saves all of her money while I worked as a waitress and play video games and spend every penny on short term happiness. 

I don’t know, just thanks for posting this HONY. Good to see that I’m not the only one.

Oh look! Its the New York version of me!

The guy on the left is Sir Chris Hoy - Scottish track cycling god and the owner of some rather impressive thighs.

I used to work with his Cousin and she mentioned on Facebook that he would have a role in the ceremony. There was a lovely moment where J’s Grandpa handed the baton to Chris. He was an athlete himself who trained in that very stadium and only didn’t become an Olympian himself due to the war.

It was very sweet.

What we didn’t expect was for the baton to refuse to unscrew (Queenie had put a message in it). Chris came to the rescue and got it open - probably breaking all protocol - but basically saved the day.

Jenny took this rather wonderful screen grab of Chris pulling this face and the Queen laughing.

God Bless The Empire…..I mean Commonwealth!!!

What do you think is the biggest challenge women face?
There are so many, depending on who you are and where you are, but there are common struggles for all women – and all minorities. I think the most important thing now is intersectionality, being aware of what feminist issues affect women who aren’t you and showing that feminism isn’t just about women. It’s about creating equality between all people, regardless of gender, orientation, ethnicity or anything else. It is about the elimination of prejudice and equal provision of opportunities.

I crush on her intelligence. I also want to drink wine and debate life with her.



Regularly learn and play new sports….

So cool to see our gear in and out of the gym and all the awesome things you people do.

When you want to get outside and do something different, what do you like to do?

#hurtlocker #hurtlockerapparel


Urgghh. You are so cool.

Yay!! MORE SPORTZ!!! The Commonwealth Games in Glasgow!

For those of you unfortunate enough not to be part of our Empire you are missing out on what is basically a mini Olympic Games. 

I have a little bit of Glasgow in me, via my Granddad, so basically I am claiming it as my own and getting excited!!!

(My parents would claim that the bits of Scot I have in me are my temper and moodiness. rude). 

Totes just had to have a wine induced nap.


JSA interview -  Erghhh what a soul sucking place.

Gym - Lots of arm and shoulders

Lunch - Burrito 

Afternoon - Visited my Godmother’s parents who are in their 80’s and then went to my Godmother’s where we drank some wine and ate some scones.

It’s hot and I am not a little dehydrated.




3 ways to win a ladies heart

1. Make her food

2. Make her cum

3. Let her nap


This is relevant to my soul.

This works for me. There are bonus points if you also provide wine and massages.

Major Life Achievement: I managed to lift and not chip my nails!