I am leaving the UK for the hustle and bustle of Chicago in Jul/Aug 2013. This blog is to document my journey to improved well being through fitness and weight loss.

I want to leave the UK trim, toned and feeling great about myself!

I'm all about dancing, running, Nike, eating, gossiping and sarcasm :)

Current Challenge: Training for the Paris Half Marathon

Email me at countdowntooz.at.gmail.dot.com


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I had a realization when I was in the bath that a significant other would be really helpful to rub my anti-spot wash into my back.

The sports bra/sweaty acne is real and my arms are too short.


Every night my Mum eats nuts and then sucks at her teeth to get the bits out. The noise makes me feel like stabbing myself in the head to stop the pain.

Not too shabby! LTron just earned 433 points on Fitocracy.

I was tired today, but really pushed myself on the spinning bike. I often get bored doing cardio at the gym so I kept myself entertained by making up spin routines to Ellie Goulding songs.

A lovely lady also let me share her locker when I realised I had left my padlock at home. A+ to her for being a babe!

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Guys, I need to brush off the dust. Apparently I fall under the demographic as part of the ‘twenty-something and undateable’ epidemic, but I assure you, being single is fantastic and is not a stressor in my life right now. But as you can probably imagine, it’s super fun getting asked the…

Either Anna is my sister from another mister or we should just date each other.


im so pro-selfie like there are so many bigger problems in the world than girls who think theyre pretty

one of those problems is girls who dont think they’re pretty.



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RAW VEGAN RECIPE: Nutella Lärabars by Dreams of Sugar Plum Cakes (Celestina)…RECIPE

These Lärabars come with a secret.

There’s no Nutella in these.

BUT, there is cocoa (or cacao, if you prefer) and there are hazelnuts, and it tastes quite a bit like Nutella, so I am going to continue calling these Nutella Lärabars.

With no sugar added, these paleo, gluten free, and kid friendly treats are perfect for the morning, an energy boost before a workout, and even a healthier dessert option. And psst - they don’t have any of that nasty, processed Nutella!

OMG. Want.

I started reading the Everyday Sexism book today.

I am just over a third of the way through, but I kept having to take little breaks as it made me feel such a huge variety of emotions. Reading about other people’s experiences reminded me of so many situations in my life that my brain had relegated to a little box in my head. It is making me realise what a huge challenge we have to reach true equality, but everything is intertwined, so even small changes like standing up to catcalling or expressing your views against sexism out loud all contribute towards this change. We can all make a difference.

Spending time with a wonderful little 3 year old today also made me feel so much passion for the cause. Lilly told me that she will be a Vet when she is older. I hope that she manages to hold onto these dreams and that our society and how it views Women doesn’t stop her from being the most brilliant vet ever. I also realised that I was making an effort to compliment her on her intelligence, how good she was at spinning around and being a carefree kid, rather than focusing on how she looked and her body. 

I have so many thoughts about Feminism and my views are constantly evolving. I sometimes find it so hard to find the words to express how I feel, but this book is really successful in highlighting different aspects of feminism and I will definitely use some of its approaches when discussing sexism in the future.

Please read this book everyone - if you hate it blame me, but I think it will leave you feeling passionate and empowered to make a difference.


  • I woke myself this morning by punching myself in the nose and giving myself a nosebleed.
  • On the way to the train station an angry Land Rover driver was too impatient to wait for a bus to pull out from the stop that he tried to overtake and rammed his vehicle between the parked bus and the bus I was in. Both mirrors were ripped off plus additional paint damage. What a twat.
  • I felt frumpy in my dress for my interview. I was all bloated (thanks shark week) so I went a purchased a lipstick and channelled Mary.
  • Interview was ok.
  • I then spent the afternoon being schooled by a 3 year old about dinosaurs and narwals. She is so damn clever. She also confirmed that I have a bigger bum than her. 
  • I think my heart melted when she told me she was scared of the moving T-Rex and then held my hand as we went to look at it. ‘Laura -it is scary, but I think it is just a robot, so its ok’.


i’m really into the idea of humiliating and publicly shaming men who behave badly towards women. i would like to think that i’m out of the bitter, angry phase of becoming enlightened, but i’m totally not, and i feel like part of being femme for me is being a destroyer, being angry, being full of sharp teeth. like a frilly, lacy trap. come on, dickholes. tell me to smile. i’ll open you up and choke you with your intestines.

I am currently in the same phase.

runningwithguts replied to your post:Job Stuffs
You can always keep applying to running companies once you’ve secured another job first. You gotta get that attic bedroom!

Yes Ma’am. I would also be able to start the part time postgraduate degree I have been looking into.