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I have just signed up for a free yoga class on Thursday. My hips are so excited!! I am just so damn stiff at the moment and my hip has been aching all day.

I am off to the Dr on Wednesday as I have this weird throbbing in my inner thigh (not that kinda throbbing!) and I want to make sure that I am not going to die from a blood clot. I’m hoping it is a muscle/nerve thing and that some nice yoga stretching will sort it out.

It also means I can wear my Lulu kit for what it is intended for, rather than just lazing around the house.


Running struggles. Taken out by a builder and now have ginormous bottom lip

Running is dangerous.

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1. This is not a ‘scandal’

It’s a crime, and we should be discussing it as such. Some media outlets are salaciously reporting it otherwise, as if the illegal violation of privacy involving intimate images is little more than subject for gossip. When associated with sex, the word ‘scandal’ has been typically interpreted as something that assigns responsibility to all parties involved, a consensual act unfortunately discovered and for which everyone owes an explanation or apology. 

Guys!! Guess what!!

Not only do I get to deal with infected genitals again, but I also have to talk to old people about their skanky ulcerated feet.

I know you are all jealous.

I’m gonna hit up this exhibition next time I’m in LDN. 

Has anyone else downloaded Emojli? It’s like snapchat but with emojis only. Even your username is emojis!!

I am 💁👯💪



someone was like hey do a flower beard thing and i was like okay

Brother nature hahaha.

I love everything about this. What a beautiful human.

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Not too shabby! LTron just earned 1360 points on Fitocracy with “Workout”.
4,998 plays
Ed Sheeran,
x (Deluxe Edition)


Don’t Be Starry Eyed

Don’t by Ed Sheeran vs. Starry Eyed by Ellie Goulding.

Download here.

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