I am leaving the UK for the hustle and bustle of Chicago in Jul/Aug 2013. This blog is to document my journey to improved well being through fitness and weight loss.

I want to leave the UK trim, toned and feeling great about myself!

I'm all about dancing, running, Nike, eating, gossiping and sarcasm :)

Current Challenge: Training for the Paris Half Marathon

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January Training Schedule

Give me a day in bed, 6 episodes of One Tree Hill, a marathon in 5 months time and I come up with a training schedule.  How fancy!

I have the next week off work so I am planning on doing a few classes at the gym that I can’t usually get too, then in week 3 marathon training kicks in! Obviously things change (already I might be having a day trip out on Wednesday so no Body Balance!) but this is my ideal schedule for the month.  I will re-post it at the end of the month to see if I actually manage it!

In terms of food I am going to have a week without added sugar.  I did this last year and lost 3 lbs so I think it will be a good start to the year as I am feeling sluggish from the carb overload at my parents.

Let’s do this people!

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    to curb sugar cravings try some lemon & water, if you must have it sweeten it with sugar. I also heard a tip from a...
  2. thereluctantrunner said: I’m trying to cut sugar as well. Let me know how it goes…
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