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Yesterday I ran hobbled through the Bupa London 10,000.

After dropping out of the Nike ‘We Own The Night’ race at the midway point last week I was more than worried that I wouldn’t reach the finish line. If I hadn’t been racing for Sparks then I probably would have pulled out.

I ran the first mile in under 10 mins which was fab and pain free, but right on cue around 1.5 mile my shin pain started and I didn’t disappear. It ended up being my most painful and slowest 10k by 15 mins, but I did manage to get across the finish line. In fact I sprinted the last 200 metres (I wanted it over) doing the arm movements to S Club 7’s Reach For The Stars.

As always with the Bupa runs it was very well organised, but very busy. I don’t think that the Bupa races are ideal for PB chasers but they always have a very nice atmosphere and it was amazing to see Mo Farah fly by on the out and back section miles ahead of the rest of the elites. He got cheered right along Embankment by all the runners which sounded great.

My next task is to sort my lower legs out. I’m not going to race on the work team at the Leeds 10k as sorting out my body is more important to me than one race.

Thanks to those who sponsored me :)

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