I am leaving the UK for the hustle and bustle of Chicago in Jul/Aug 2013. This blog is to document my journey to improved well being through fitness and weight loss.

I want to leave the UK trim, toned and feeling great about myself!

I'm all about dancing, running, Nike, eating, gossiping and sarcasm :)

Current Challenge: Training for the Paris Half Marathon

Email me at countdowntooz.at.gmail.dot.com


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Womens Running Review

girlydavedoeslife replied to your video: Cool Factor: -1000000000000000 …but I don’t…
Saw your race review in Women’s Running! But it doesn’t look like they used your picture, boo!

Ohhh! They are sending me a copy :)

I’m secretly pleased that they didn’t use the photo.  There were also some issues over the copyright so I’m not really surprised!

  1. wunderkindchen said: That is so cool!!! I wish I could buy a copy over here but even amazon.de doesn’t sell it.
  2. countdowntooz posted this

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blog comments powered by Disqus