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I went to Body Pump for the first time in about 4 months on Saturday after lifting on Friday. That was a silly decision! I am feeling the arm DOMS today!

I was interested to see if I would find it easy after doing LiveFit and Stronglifts, but it wasn’t. I was able to pick back up the same weights I lifted before, but my stamina was shot. I forgot that squatting 20kg for 5 mins non-stop is quite challenging!!

I think that after the Christmas break I will do at least one Body Pump class a week just to keep that side of my fitness up.

In other exciting news I am chatting to a guy at a local CrossFit box about attending their beginners Weightlifting class. It is on Sunday mornings and not exclusive to box members. At a maximum of 5 people per class and only £7 a go it seems like a bargain!!

(P.S how gross is that mat?! I changed it after taking the photo)

Wanna squat to a super slow Adele track, do the back track to an Evanescence dance remix or do jumping squats after a billion lunges?

Then welcome to Body Pump 82!

It’s good and it’s a killer. I hated release 81 so I rushed from work to get my place in the front row for tonight’s class ready to learn the new release.

The lowdown is that the squat track is short with just 2 repeats, but its a tough one. You stay low a lot. The back track also emphasises slow controlled dead lifts and rows before speeding up for the clean and presses towards the end. Biceps is Nickelback- Haters gonna hate!! Triceps doesn’t use the bar at all which I prefer and abs is basically the same as the last release.

The lunge track is an absolute fucker. I think my main goal is going to be to get through it without my quads screaming at me. I can’t begin to imagine doing it with a bar!

Anyway, here is the track listing. Enjoy!

1. Raining Diamonds - Ricki-Lee
2. Someone Like You (Kris McTwain Club Edit) - N-Finity
3. I Like How It Feels - Solitary Phase
4. Bring Me To Life (Hands Up Club Mix) - Jan Wayne
5. Bad Case Of Loving You - Secret Appendix
6. Bottoms Up - Nickelback
7. Ecuador (Bad Behavior Remix) - Sash!
8. Be Cool 2011 (DJ From Mars Club Remix) - Paffendorf
9. Feel So Close - Calvin Harris
10. Time To Say Goodbye - il Divo

Today can be summed up in one word.


Mainly work related, but other stuff too (including being licked by a Ferret. I shit you not) resulted in me needing to take my frustration out on some weights. I don’t feel in control of much of my life at the moment (this needs to change), but at the gym I am in control.

I was back up to all my pre-marathon weights today and felt stronger than ever thanks to the LiveFit programme.

And I looked sexy.

Especially my arms and shoulders, and my stomach (least favourite bit) even behaved itself whilst dressed in a top with horizontal stripes.

I need to work out how to get the feeling that Body Pump gives me in the other areas of my life.

Yesterday after work and before a trip to the theatre I managed to fit in a LiveFit chest and triceps session which killed my arms. I honestly can’t believe the change in my arms in just 2.5 weeks. It’s great!

Today I hit the gym for Body Pump and even in the warm up everything felt heavy. My body is screaming for a rest day having lifted for 5 days in a row but I powered through to the end. I was also sweating buckets as the air con was broken. Bikram Body Pump is not a fun time!

Then to punish myself even more I fitted in my last LiveFit session for week 3. I had to drop my weights a little bit as my arms were dead, but I still managed to complete it all.

Next week I need to try and fit all the sessions into 4 days as I am off to London on Friday night. Then the following week I get to add cardio back in and I can’t wait :)

In other news I also bumped into the Hot Scot today and he asked me how the marathon went. It turns out that he hurt his knee badly at the Leeds Half (that race is evil!) so he didn’t run, but he was up in Edinburgh and said that we all did so well to finish in that heat. Also - Edinburgh runners - last year when he reached the gravel section there were chickens running all over the route!

This is the face I pull when I wait 3hrs in town for Body Pump to be greeted by an instructor who:

  • Isn’t a registered Body Pump instructor
  • Makes it up as she goes along
  • Doesn’t indicate what weight range should be used
  • Can’t count reps properly
  • Says up when she means down
  • Squats out of time with the music
  • Uses Nicki Minaj ‘Starships’ for the warmup.

Also every limb hurts from LiveFit and she made me hold a squat for a minute with my highest squat weight. Everyone else only did a half squat. I win at being a bad ass.

*Stealthy Body Pump Photo*

I hit up the gym this morning for my second Body Pump session post marathon. It felt a lot better today and I am nearly back up to my pre marathon weights.  My foot was also feeling a lot better, but it is very tight along the bottom and I could feel this especially during the squat track. I think I need to spend the next week or so working on the mobility of my foot and releasing all the tension in it.

After the class I decided to do another LiveFit session (back and biceps) and wow it was tough going straight from a weights class to more a targeted low rep/high weights session! It felt good though and I am going to go back tomorrow to do two more sessions.  With working away for 2 days this week I was getting behind again, but this should bring me back up to speed.

Now, if only we could eradicate men who make sex noises while lifting from the gym!

(In other news - I forgot to report on Wednesday that I was down 2lbs!)

Tonight’s Body Pump was attended by the nerds of the class. The select few who go at every possible opportunity and know the tracks off by heart.

I can only assume that all the other slackers were at the pub as it is a bank holiday weekend in the UK. I was clever and went to the pub (for a diet coke) before class!

Tonight was my last pump class for two weeks. I am slightly worried for my sanity without it to keep me grounded! I love the class and the nerds, and tonight I introduced the girls to how running is great for finding men! See them on a tumblr blog near you soon :)

Squatted to Pink again tonight and hit 25kgs.  That’s up from a previous record of 22kgs. I had to ask someone to take the bar off my back at the end as I couldnt lift it over my head.

I also for the first time managed to complete every last rep of the power sets in the shoulder track including using my bar at the end.

And the Hot Scot came over to apologise for forgetting to look at the bus/train schedule for getting back into Edinburgh after the Marathon.  We are gonna chat about it on Saturday :)

Oh and I ran 3 miles before Pump.

My ass was burning so bad from last nights run and I had another 3 miles to run before Body Pump tonight.

After the 3 I decided to go a little easy on my legs in class, but then I lifted the bar onto my back for squats and I was halfway through the 6 minute track when I realised that the 22kg felt easy! For the rest of the track I hit as low as I could and got told that my form was ‘beautiful’ :)

Up to 25kg on Saturday.

Do we all remember these shorts?

The ones I got for Christmas that have the lining that buries itself in your bum and lady crack when running?

Well today I did something WILD with them!

I wore them to Body Pump!

Way back in Octoberish time I was having a conversation with another tumblr person about how all my leggings were still drying and I didn’t have anything to wear to Body Pump.  They suggested that I ‘Just wear some shorts?’.  Woah there! Have you seen my legs? Actually they had, but that’s not the point, because I am very self conscious about the top of my thighs.  The thought of anyone seeing the ripples of cellulite as I move makes me feel sick.

Fast forward to this week and my legs are looking a lot better from running and lifting and I made a deal with myself that if the scales said a certain number on Saturday morning that I would wear said shorts to class.  The pesky scale was obviously ear wigging and when I jumped on this morning I was all happy and then a bit like ‘oh crap’.

So I wore them and no one asked for eye bleach and when I squatted I could see real life muscle - although it could have been a trick of the light.  I think I got away with it and the world didn’t end.

Next challenge wear my teeny Nike Pro hot pants to class.  That might happen circa 20andnever.